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Soy Candles - Mosaics - Jars - Reed Diffusers - Melts - Tealights

Handmade by Jules

Candles - English Pear & Freesia - Hand Made By Jules
Candles - Lavender - Hand Made By Jules
Natural Soy Candles - beautifully fragrant - medium jars with lids


Medium Jars - $16 each

Height: 90mm - Width across base : 75mm - Width across the top : 70mm

The jars are available in Clear or White


Mosaic Jars - $20 each

Height: 60mm - Width across middle : 90mm - Width across the top : 55mm


Melts - $7 pack of 6


Tealights - $1.50)

$0.75 each  (min order 2 of each fragrance)


Mini Round Jars - $4 each

Height: 40mm - Width: 40mm


Small Square and Round - $5 each

Height: 55-60mm - Width: 45-50mm 

Coloured wax is best suited to the clear jars, melts & tealights. 


I have some items already made - these are available for immediate pick up/collection.

If items are made to order they will usually be ready for pick up / collection after 7 business days.

** This is subject to the stock being available from the supplier.


Please call, email or complete the 'Contact Jules" button with your request or order and I can advise on

availability and a suitable pick up /collection date.


White Danube Jar - Medium Size
Clear Danube Jar - Medium Size

Small Square and Round


Medium Jar - Clear or White

Mini Round



Lid colour choices for small candle jars

Reed Diffusers & Jars
Mosiac candle jar - medium size - Gold
Mosiac candle jar - medium size - Aqua Blue Grey
Mosiac candle jar - medium size - Blue Silver
Mosiac candle jar - medium size - Rainbow Red


Rainbow Red

Aqua Blue

Blue Silver

Reed Diffusers are a great way to add a constant fragrance to your home.

The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and The reeds last until all the fragrance oil evaporates. Diffusers are just like candles - the larger the diffuser, the greater the fragrance so these will work well in big rooms. disperses the scent into the air.

It is always best to use a coaster or plate under your diffuser to keep any oil drips from damaging the surface. 


The carnation reed sits nicely in the top of all these jars and is quite elegant, but the traditional reeds are also available.


200ml Round Jar $20 Reduced to $17.50

100ml Tuscany Jar Was $15 Reduced to $12

6 reed sticks or 1 carnation reed is included with your purchase.

Refills and extra reeds are also available for purchase.


Reed Diffuser - 200 ml Round Jar
Reed sticks
Scented beads - great for drawers and your car
Carnation reed
Reed Diffuser - Tuscany Jar 100ml & Carnation Reed
Melts & Tealights
Natural Soy Melts - Hand Made By Jules -  6 per pack - beautifully fragrant

Melts and tealights are another great way to add fragrance to your home.

Tealights can be used for mood lighting and are ideal for smaller rooms.

Melts are used in an oil burner instead of oil and water to release wonderful fragrances in your home.

They can be used in electric, or conventional oil burners using a tealight.

Both tealights and melts are suitable with coloured wax.

Melts - $7 each | Tealights - $0.75 (min order 2 of each fragrance)

When ordering 2 tealights they are packaged in cello bags with tiny fragrance tags - $1.50

When ordering in lots of 6 they are packaged in either a white or beige box - you can select a mix of fragrances - $4.50

Candle Fragrances

·       Baby Powder

·       Beautiful

·       Coconut Lime

·       Champagne & Strawberries 

·       Elysian Garden

·       English Pear & Freesia

·       Fig Tree

·       Freesia & Summer Berries

·       Gojiberry & Tarocco Orange

·       Island Coconut

·       Sex on the Beach

·       Frangipani

·       Tiare Flower & Coconut

·       Lavender

·       Lemongrass

·       Lime Cooler

·       Mandarin & Coconut

·       Peppermint & Eucalyptus

·       Pina Colada

·       Pineapple & Coconut

·       Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

·       Vanilla Spectacular

·       Turkish Delight

·       Spearmint

·       Musk Stick


Candle Refills / Reed Diffuser Refills

If you like something a little different I am happy to refill your favourite candle jar, teacup or wineglass


to create your own unique and beautifully fragrant candle.


If you would like to order any refills, please call, email, or use the 'Contact Jules' button.


Wicks are designed for the diameter of the jar - so it's best to have a uniform diameter from top to bottom. 

Wax, fragrance, and the thickness of your jar all effect the way your candle will burn.

2 jars with the same capacity can burn at different rates with different fragrances.


If you have a lovely jar that has a very tapered finish (narrow base - wide top)

 it may require 2 or more wicks so the burn time will be less. Note: The glass/cup must be thick / heat proof and shatter proof

 I am unable to offer any guarantee or replacement should your jar crack.


To estimate the cost to refill your candle glass or jar - measure the full capacity and multiply this by $0.045

eg 100 ml jar will cost $4.50 / 200 ml jar will cost $9 / 300 ml jar / cup will cost $13.50


Min order $30 applies. 


Do you need a diffuser refill ?


To fill your existing diffuser jar

190 ml to suit the 200ml round jar $ 11.40

130 ml to suit the 140ml square jar $ 7.80

90 ml to suit the 100ml square  jar $ 5.40


90ml refill in glass bottle $8.50


I am happy to refill any other size bottles that you may have

To estimate the cost to refill your diffuser glass or jar or bottle - measure the full capacity and multiply this by $0.06


You may wish to purchase a couple of these plus some reeds so you have refills whenever you need them.


Additional reeds : flowers $3.00 each / 5-6 reed sticks $2.00


The list of fragrances available I do have is noted above - if you are unsure which fragrance to order 


samples here to help you choose - give me a call and pop around, and then you can place your order whilst you're here. 


Please note: Coloured candles may vary slightly from any sample you have seen.



Coffee jars are perfect for candles and for just $2.50 extra your container can be decorated with ribbon

or burlap and flowers, with the option to include a mini personalised greeting tag.

eg Tags are tiny so can show your friends name, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, With Love, Congrats


Candle & Reed Diffuser Care & Notes

Please take the time to read these general tips to care for your candles and diffusers.


General Care & Safety Tips

  • It is really important to trim your wicks! Candles smoke if the wick is too long. You do not need a large flame to have a good scent throw. The scent throw comes from the melt pool, which is the amount of melted wax that forms around the flame. Before lighting always trim the wick to 5mm and remove any wick debris as this as this encourages an even burn.

  • It is recommended that the max burn time is 2-3 hours ... If you wish to burn for longer every couple hours or so during the burning time, put out the flame, trim the wick again and relight (be sure to remove any wick trimmings from your melt pool of wax!). This will not only help to keep your candle from smoking, but will also extend the life of your candle!

  • If your candle is smoking even though you have trimmed the wick, check to be sure there are no wick trimmings or other debris in the melt pool. If there are none, then put out the flame, trim the wick a little bit more, allow the candle to cool for a bit and then relight. This should take care of the smoking problem!

  • A candle flame needs oxygen to 'breathe'. Keep in mind that if you burn candles in a small, enclosed room, they are more likely to smoke! Try burning smaller candles such as tea-lights in small rooms to help avoid this.

  • Remember to never lean too close over a burning candle, especially if you're wearing hair spray! Always keep long hair tied back and up out of danger of falling into the flame.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended! This is how terrible accidents happen!

  • Always burn candles in a candle holder or on a heat-resistant surface.

  • Never allow wick trimmings or match stubs to remain in the top of a burning candle. They can catch fire and begin to smoke.

  • Keep burning candles away from drafts. Drafts cause candles to burn unevenly, thereby increasing the chance of smoking or dripping.

  • Keep candles away from children and pets. Sometimes they smell good enough to eat, and you don't want anyone to be tempted!

  • Care must be taken when handling fragrance oils; they may damage or discolour surfaces. It is advisable to place any of the reed diffuser jars on a coaster or small glass plate if you wish to locate them on a timber or porous surface.

  • And last but not least, enjoy your hand made soy candle.



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Note: Colours in all images shown may be slightly different to the actual products 

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